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Pointe boutique is a modern shoe boutique owned and operated by the dynamic duo (a mother & daughter duo) Kat Bond and Cindy Bond.

The goal of Pointe Boutique is to give discerning and stylish shoppers, like yourself, an online shoe-shopping destination that combines the best of old-school boutiques AND modern brands.  With us, you can always count on consistent quality (none of that scary "this-looks-nothing-like-the-photo" online drop-shipping stuff!)  We are doing this because we love fashion and the idea of changing the retail and fashion landscapes for the better, not because we are looking to make a quick buck. 

We believe that fashion should be exciting and fun yet still totally wearable.  Looking professional and feeling comfortable certainly DOES NOT mean looking boring! Whether you are of the mindset that shoes are the foundation of a wardrobe or are more like icing on the cake, we know that sometimes stepping into the perfect pair of shoes can assist you in taking that next big step in your life!

 Kat Bond (the daughter of the duo) has a history of working in retail, starting as a visual merchandiser for several prominent chain stores and then branching off on her own to open several boutiques throughout the past decade.  By night, Kat is also a theatre director.  She has directed & often performs in several full-length live productions that happen to be fully improvised (a brand new show every night!) 

Cindy Bond (the mother of the duo, you guessed it!) is new to the world of retail, unless you count shopping, wink wink. Cindy actually started off in the music business, working for record companies and radio stations, doing everything from marketing to planning events.  Cindy recently sold her first business, which focused on marketing and promotion, and decided to embark on this retail adventure with her perfect, amazing, brilliant daughter Kat (who may or may not be the one writing this bio…)

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